Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'Neighbors From Hell' released

Well, I guess it’s kind of ridiculous that it took 10 years to produce the 172 pages of Neighbors From Hell. Considering I can write pretty fast, 17.2 pages per year is an embarrassment.

But blame the editing process. I cut it down from tens of thousands of pages in my writing and rewriting, changing things as I learned new stuff and had better content to offer. Really, the “finished” book eight years ago wouldn’t have been as useful as the final “finished” product is today. It’s a shorter read, and a much better one.

In addition, much of the down time wasn’t spent writing the book, but regenerating proposals for agents and publishers and others in the world of traditional book publishing. Everyone loved the idea, but some wanted it to be funny, some wanted me to quote more famous people, and others wanted me to have my own television show before they’d pitch it.

I don’t do clever. And TV doesn’t lend itself well to this subject – it would bring harm to people already at their wit’s end. I’ve been invited by about a dozen producers to be involved in their neighbor shows, so I know of what I speak. That’s not why I’m here.

So, that’s my official announcement. Neighbors From Hell is available. You can buy it at, but I get better royalties through CreateSpace, at Happy reading.

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  1. Just ordered five copies, Bob ... sorry, everyone else, for hogging :) Obviously, I haven't read it yet, but anxiously anticipate spending a few hours with earplugs and the book. My plan is to put one copy on the "Required Reading" shelf in my city's code enforcement department.

    Congratulations on this publishing acheivement.