Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boombuster 2.0 -- Busting the booms that infiltrate our homes

Boomcars a mile away, the upstairs neighbor's home theater system, nearby con-struction, adjacent low-frequence noise from AC compressors, pool filters and hot tubs -- Boombuster can deaden these sounds so you can sleep at night.
    I found it necessary to use a sound system with high-wattage speakers (my laptop did not do the trick) in order to achieve a volume sufficient to drown out these nuisance noises that continue to grow in numbers, volume and vibration. To fight a fire, essentially, you need a bigger fire. Played at low volume on the laptop, I still knew when area high schoolers, whose cars are sound barrier-breakers, were let out for the day.

    I'm not pleased that we should have to use Boombuster, of course. I'd like instead for someone to invent a noise-seeking missile (my own patent is pending). But as the good guys, we choose not to blow up the enemy. Until municipalities begin fining noise-making idiots who won't respect their neighbors or the general population, this is what we got.
    Boombuster 2.0 will not drown out a loud barking dog, smashing bottles on the pavement below, screams from children playing in their backyard, or fireworks. If anything does, it's probably just as bad for our ears as the noise itself. And just as annoying; low-frequency noise deadeners like white-noise machines and Boombuster are, meanwhile, not annoying. I do not know the auditory effects of white noise on humans long-term, but I know the short-term effects on the blood pressure of those of us who have Neighbors From Hell. For some, this is a good weapon to keep in the arsenal, and you can buy it online at Boombuster.com ($9.95).
    As a matter of disclosure, let me say I'm keeping the CD Boombuster sent me, but I am otherwise not being compensated for providing any review, good or bad. Look for more neighbor-related product reviews in the future.

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